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Premium Sea Glass / Beach Glass

This sea glass / beach glass line is produced at our warehouse, from high-quality art glass, and is available in both glossy and frosted finishes. These sea glass colors are more vibrant, and are more dimensional pieces in a consistent size range, so that you don't end up with smaller, gravel-sized pieces mixed with large chunks in the same bag.

All sea glass is produced by mechanical processes, with no chemical additives, and the content is 100% recycled from pre-consumer industrial by-product art glass. All sea glass is processed until all sharp edges have been removed, and it is safe to handle. Frosted sea glass requires a significantly longer production period than glossy sea glass, and carries a higher price for that reason.

Please contact us for volume pricing regarding bulk sea glass in quantities of 50 lbs. or more per color. NOTE: Bulk orders may experience delays. Please call us for lead times if you have a time-sensitive project.