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Mosaic FAQs

Asked: Why do these glass mosaic tiles have a raised pattern on them? I thought I was getting flat tile.

Answered: The cut cell pattern is on the back of the tile. The front is the smooth side. The cut cell pattern creates greater surface area for adhesion in the latex-modified thinset.

Asked: How do I remove the paper from these tiles? AKA (Why is there paper on the back of the tile?)

Answered: The paper is on the face of the tile, not the back, and is easily removed by soaking in water for a few minutes. Warm water will work faster than cool water. Once you've let the tiles soak for a few minutes, just lift the paper off. If a few tiles remain, you can shake the paper to loosen them.

Asked: Do you offer classes?

Answered: No, we don't teach classes, but we offer a list of classes by city, state and country at this link: Mosaic Classes

Asked: Can I have my work included in the Mosaic Project Gallery?

Answer: Yes. Send us an image of a project you created using any of our products, along with the project name, your name and any details you would like to include to gallery@mosaicsupply.com.  We love to see our clients' work and share it with others.

Asked: How many tiles/ how much square footage will I need to purchase for this project?

Answered: Take a look at our Mosaic Calculator page for the formulas to determine square footage of any given area. Also, our product descriptions include the # of tiles per s.f. for each tile size.

Asked: Where can I learn more about Mosaic Art, find mosaic projects, learn to cut tile, etc.?

Answered: Take a look at our Mosaic Books section for a great selection of books on mosaic art, projects, and methods, and don't forget your local library - most libraries have several books on mosaic art.

Asked: Do you sell full sheets or large quantities of the tile on this site?

Answered: Absolutely. We sell full sheets of mosaic tile and architectural quantities on our main website at MosaicTileSupplies.com

Asked: I can't find what I'm looking for on your site? Can you help me find a specific type of tile or tesserae?

Answer: Probably. We have a large variety of factory contacts overseas, as well as professional partnerships in the U.S., and we can often assist in sourcing products that we do not stock.  Keep in mind that special order items may require longer lead times and minimum order quantities. Contact us at info@mosaicsupply.com with the product details and quantities you require, and we'll do our best to help.